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  • “Merlynism’s” : Things My Father Taught Me

    Words to Live By Merlyn George Wolfe: Born Sept 23, 1921 When my father passed suddenly, it didn’t register with me just how young he was and how much he would be missed. Through the lens of children – even adult children, our parents seem old to us. Dad left a mark with those he […]

  • The Nortel Days

    What’s in a Job? I have always joked that I could never keep a job. I have gone from working with an independent telephone company to Bell, to the independent, to Bell, to the independent, to Nortel, to Bell, to consulting, to owning and operating an IT Staffing company. All the while, never missing a […]

  • A Slow Decline

    The Golden Years Ah, how wonderful to slip gently into retirement, with nothing but good health and time to kill! For many, that could not be further from the truth. No savings, poor health, early onset dementia, physical limitations or worse, are the hallmarks of an aging population. Rather than dancing into the twilight, many […]

  • It Finally Got Us

    Crossing the Rubicon After 2 and a half years of being ultra cautious, we finally got it. Karen and I have COVID. We have followed all the rules, taken the shots, masked up and socially distanced. We are not sure where we got it – but it is nasty. Before I hear from the anti-maskers […]

  • How Much is Enough?

    Simpler Times The values my parents instilled within me were about helping others, doing more than you were asked, lending a helping hand and where possible, helping those less fortunate. Perhaps to my detriment, I often took those lessons literally. I never wanted anyone to think I was cheap, or unwilling to pay my share, […]

  • The Audacity of Hope

    The Audacity of Hope (With apologies to Barak Obama) “What team should I cheer for daddy”? “You should cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs son.” “Why” “Because they are the closest team to us”. That’s how it started, and remains to this day. My dad caused this lifelong pain. It’s his fault! It’s not that […]

  • The Contradiction of Fear

    What is Fear? We all experience it – even if we pretend we don’t. There is fear of the dark. Fear of snakes. Fear of spiders. Fear of the unknown. Fear of travel. Fear of flying. Fear of death. Fear of germs. Fear of making a fool of oneself. Fear of speaking up. Fear of […]

  • Mike Underhill

    May 12 1976 That’s when the world stopped. Over the past couple of years, I had become very good friends with a red headed, freckled dynamo named Mike Underhill. He was a couple of years younger than I and as a result, we had not chummed much together growing up. He didn’t meander, but rather […]

  • Leave a Tip You Say?

    Definition of gratuity: Something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service I consider myself a better than average tipper. I am more than happy to pay for good service. Even better if I have a waiter or waitress that has a great attitude and perhaps a little sass. I like some personality with my […]

  • Sept 11 2001 – My Story

    Where Were You? For so many in the United States and around the world, 9/11 will forever be a “where were you when” moment. Like so many others, this day and this event changed me forever. It caused me to reflect on my own tolerance for others, my place in this world and as a […]