A Father’s Day Tribute

A Proud Father

My father passed in 1993, at the age of 72 years. I thought at the time that he had lived a good life – and he had. But I did not appreciate at the time, how much life he had yet to live. Yet, as I get older I appreciate those unlived moments more than ever and regret the time I did not get to spend with him.

This tribute then, is not to my father, but to my children and his grandchildren Trevor, Geoff, Lauren and Ryan.

There is a great debate about nature vs nurture.

I would like to think that I have had some small part in developing you into the wonderful human beings you are. However, I believe that much of your personalities and individual success is as much about your personal decision making as it is about my influence.

It is to you that I am grateful for the joy and pride you bring to my life each and every day. I cherish the memories that you allow me to share in your lives, both personal and professional. The joy of watching you as young children explore the world and new experiences. The pride in watching you mature and excel in school and development life long friendships.  The wonder as you continue to master life’s challenges and travel life’s highway as kind, caring, thoughtful and successful individuals.

Trevor, you continued to amaze me with your singular focus and drive. When you decide to do something, it is done with purpose and passion – whether it is fitness, or business oriented. Your success in the private equity space is well earned and I look forward with pride as you continue to directly influence your company’s portfolio.

Geoff, your thoughtfulness and giving nature is matched only by your wit and ability to multi-task. You have become our family’s go-too guy for everything from technology to carpentry to mechanics and everything between. We look forward to our new grandchild in the next few weeks, with you and Martha. She is as thoughtful as you are. You have chosen your partner wisely. In business, you have become the top recruiter in our company. Your ability to absorb information and influence your network has become your calling card. The only one funnier in our family is me 😊

Lauren, you have become a successful Dr, by sheer will and determination. Your smile lights up a room and your one liners and sarcasm make me chuckle. I am so proud of the wife and mother that you have become. It is like you have always meant to be – you are a natural. You and Mark have blessed us with our first grandchild, Ben. As a couple you make me proud of the way your support each other. We look so forward to watching Ben grow and mature into the same kind, loving, caring, thoughtful person you have grown to be.

Ryan, you are independent and hard working. You march to your own drummer and have a chosen a partner that supports and loves you. We are proud of the man you have become. You have become a target of other companies, looking to grow their footprint by hiring the best in the industry. I could not be prouder of you.

To all of my children: I am proud of not what you are, but who you are as human beings.

I come from humble beginnings. I am further humbled to be called your father.

As a father, I could not be more blessed.



10 responses to “A Father’s Day Tribute”

  1. What a beautiful piece! We are truly blessed with a wonderful family and as you said, incredibly proud of each of them ❤️

    • Thanks Honey. I should have spent more time on this piece. But the message was from the heart – and totally synced with yours.

  2. A lovely tribute to your children by their proud Father. So well said to each of your kids. A parents proudest accomplishments are our children.
    They are very lucky kids to have you as their Dad. Happy Fathers Day Our Dear Friend ❤️

    • Thanks Again Sharon. This was written pretty hastily and I wasn’t really happy with it.

      Nonetheless thanks for the Fathers Day wishes and the kind thoughts.

      Indeed our greatest accomplishment is our children. Well said.


  3. You are a special person Kent and I’m sure your reflection can be found within your kids. Happy Father’s Day bro

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