What Is Christmas?

Christmas is Finally Here!!

The little girl’s emerald eyes were as big as saucers. Freshly out of her warm bed, hair askew, she could not believe what she was seeing. The tree was surrounded by presents, all wrapped in magical colours, with ribbons and bows and all manner of trinkets hanging from them. Stockings hanging from the mantel overflowing with more gifts than she could comprehend.  It was finally here – Christmas morning was finally here!

The Wonder of it All

Glancing out the living room window at the snow covered wonderland, Jenica started to cry, tears running down her rosy cheeks – overwhelmed by the moment.

“Mommy, why does Santa bring all these gifts to my house, but leave nothing for my best friend Subrina? Was she bad? Does Santa not love her? They just live across the street and look – they have no lights. It would be easy for Santa to stop there after our house. Are they sad? Does Santa know that they moved from their old house far away in See-re-ah“?

Jenica’s mom gathered her in her arms and gently wiped the tears away. “Come sit with me for a minute Honey. Let’s talk about Christmas”.

“Christmas is so much more than presents. It is a feeling in your heart. It is showing people that you love them, through kindness and opening your heart.”

Thinking carefully about her mom’s words, Jenica said “but if that is what Christmas is, why don’t we treat everyone this way all year round, rather than just at Christmas? Do we have to give gifts to make others happy?”

Her mom thought about her question – so mature for a little girl. “We should all carry Christmas in our heart every day of the year Sweetheart. The act of giving gifts is not just about toys. Gifts can be as simple as sharing a smile, cheering your friends up when they are sad, listening to someone when they need someone to talk to, sticking up for someone when they are being bullied, putting a quarter in the cup of a homeless person – acts of kindness large and small is Christmas.”

“Christmas is about Caring for others and about others both the same as you and different that you. That may be in the form of ideals, or simply skin colour. Caring means to put other’s needs into your thoughts, insofar as you are able to lighten their burden.

Christmas is about Hope. Hope for a better day, a better year, a better life, a more forgiving and inclusive world. Not just for you. But for everyone, regardless of their position in life.

Christmas is about Respect. Respect for yourself, but just as importantly, respect for others – other beliefs, other opinions, other perspectives, others that don’t have as much as you and others that may have more.

Christmas is about Inspiration. The ability to inspire others to become the best they can be, despite the obstacles they may face in everyday life. Inspiration to learn, to care, to dream, to succeed, to challenge themselves physically as well as intellectually. Inspiration to treat everyone the same – no matter where they come from or what they believe in.

Christmas is about Support. Support for those that have a more difficult life than we do. Support for family and friends. Support for those that may be battling illness. Support for those that are struggling emotionally or physically.

Christmas is about Tolerance. Tolerance for other religions, other cultures, other ideals, other ways of life.

Christmas is about being Magnanimous – generous and forgiving. Magnanimous in your interaction with others. Showing kindness and understanding to those less fortunate.

Christmas is about Altruism – the selfless concern for the well being of others. Being Altruistic makes others feel good about themselves, but perhaps more importantly it makes you feel good about yourself.

Christmas is about being Selfless – putting other’s needs above your own. Being Selfless might mean something as simple as giving your favourite toy to someone that didn’t get any toys at all. But it could also mean something as simple as letting someone in front of you in the line at school. To be selfless is about going out of our way to do kind acts for others. It’s keeping people’s feelings in mind when we say or do things, and recognizing that we’re not better than anyone else.

Christmas is a feeling. It’s the way we treat others. It’s what is in our hearts. Sadly, adults often get busy in their lives and many of us need to be reminded once a year to do just that.”

Thinking carefully, absorbing what her mom had just explained,  Jenica’s eyes suddenly sparkled with an idea.

“Mommy, could I share my stocking with Subrina? I think there are too many gifts for me alone. We could invite her family to share our dinner today. You always say there is too much food – can we share? Is that all true istic? Would that be the true meaning of Christmas”?

“Honey, that is a wonderful idea. It would make it the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!” Christmas is about how proud I am of you today.

Wishing you a year full of Caring, Hope, Respect, Inspiration, Support, Tolerance, Magnanimity, Altruism and Selflessness.

Cheers From Karen and I

Our world needs more C_H_R_I_S_T_M_A_S in our hearts.

We Hope You Are as Blessed in the Coming Year as We Have Been

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my meagre musings over the past months. I trust my words have brightened your day from time to time, caused you to self reflect, or to simply bring a smile to your face. It has been an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise to see how many people they have reached. I am both honoured and humbled by your continued interest. 



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    • Thank you Sharon,

      My first attempt at fiction…..

      Hope you, Elwin and your entire family have a wonderful Christmas and much happiness in the coming year.


  1. Hi Kent
    Merry Christmas and Happy New to you and your family I have so enjoyed all of your articles you have wrote. I look forward to reading everything you write it has been such a great joy to renew old friendship please take care

    • Thank you RoseMarie,

      Maybe we will find time for a coffee in 2023.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas and much happiness in the coming year.


  2. Kent that was great Christmas Story. Keep them coming

    All the best to you and Family for Christmas and all the coming years.


  3. Awww this is beautiful. Your writing continues to inspire and entertain me, can’t wait for the next one.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, you all look so happy! All the best in 2023.

    • Thank you Joanne,

      My first attempt at fiction lol. I appreciate your kind words.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. Wishing you the very best throughout the coming year.


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